Homemade Biography

How to Collect, Record and Preserve Oral History

How well do you really know the older people in your family? And how will you make sure their stories will be preserved for generations to come ? Homemade Biography (St. Martin’s Press) is a practical guide to recording a relative’s story so it will never be forgotten.

Most of us think about bringing a tape recorder or a notebook to a visit with an older relative, but few actually do it. This clear-eyed manual gives you all the expertise you’ll need to finish what could be one of the most fulfilling conversations you’ll ever have.

Praise for Homemade Biography:

“Homemade Biography by Tom Zoellner is a lovely book through and through… It includes advice on coaxing your subject to open up and dealing with potential difficulties such as Alzheimer’s disease, painful war memories or family secrets, as well as writing and publishing help. Even if you aren’t planning to write a relative’s life story, Homemade Biography gives insight into communicating with seniors. Actually, it’s a pretty great guide to being a better listener and conversationalist with anyone.”
—Austin American-Statesman



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